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Read Alouds for all Learners with Molly Ness


Based on Dr. Ness’s 2023 book Read Alouds for All Learners, this webinar focuses on maximizing the potential of read alouds across the content areas, by building background knowledge, carving time for explicit vocabulary instruction, and thinking aloud to build comprehension. The webinar focuses on the role of read alouds in the science of reading, and does the following:

Overviews the research and data around read alouds

Explores the importance of background knowledge in comprehension

Presents a planning protocol to maximize the effectiveness across content areas

Benchmark Assessment of Young Readers—2023 Evolutions/Revolutions?


During this presentation, Mark Shinn will discuss benchmarking assessment.

Unfortunately, for too many educators-parents and students, Benchmarking happens as a process or procedure with many unanswered or unasked questions, even as basic as “What is the purpose of Benchmarking, and who decided which tests are given and why?” Additionally, it seems like it is becoming “bogged down” and potentially confused.

With more states and schools requiring curriculum aligned to the science of reading. Is

Benchmarking aligned to the science of reading? Is it research-based? Are all the measures included in most of Benchmark testing practices necessary? Additionally, more states are requiring dyslexia screening. Will dyslexia screening be different than current Benchmark testing?

In this webinar, Mark will present his perspective based on his analysis as an early contributor to the development of benchmark assessment using Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM), including early literacy measures for use in the Problem-Solving Model and MTSS from a research and, importantly, school-based practice model.

Lots of Questions, lots of questions, and hopefully fun!

Join The Reading League Michigan and Wisconsin in The Teacher’s Lounge


A Co-Hosted event with The Wisconsin Reading League! CERI Certified Reading Interventionist and Literacy Coach, Jeanne Schopf will host this recurring event. Sessions will be held on January 21 and February 18 at 10:00 AM Eastern time. Bring your science of reading questions!

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